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Slenker / Schlenker
Andreas Schlenker Born 1737 Died 1788  This is my first Schlenker ancestor  that immigrated to America.
Andreas landed in Philadelphia in 1751 on the ship Duke of Wirtenberg.
York Co Militia Fifth Co Capt Ligget Revolutionary War Records
Married Elizabeth
Martin Schlenker   Born 1759 Died 1826    
Martin is buried at Emanuels Church Cemetery in Freysville's York Co Pa
In the Revolutionary War, (York Co Militia)  Capt. Ligget's Co 1776.   (Listed as Martin Slinger)
Married Franey Leahmy
Joseph Schlenker Sr Born 1798 Died 1879
Married Catherine Tschopp (Shoop)
Catherine's  parents , Heinrich Tschoop
and Catherine Stine
Joseph Franklin Slenker Born 1830 Died 1887
Married Caroline Sechrist
Joseph's funeral was in the German langauge at the Emanuel
Lutheran Church, Freysville Windsor Township
Benjamin Franklin Slenker Born 1854 Died 1904
Married Elorna Bates (Batz)
Could also be Bott, or Bott's. Pronunced the same

Lydia E Slenker Born 1879 Died 1939
Married Edward W Backel  
daughter Luretta B Backel  Married Richmond W Flinchbaugh
Luretta B Backel Born 1916 Died 1984
Married Richmond W Flinchbaugh
son E David Flinchbaugh
E David Flinchbaugh
Married Kathleen L Carberry
sons Greg E Flinchbaugh and Brian D Flinchbaugh
Greg E Flinchbaugh
Married Sharon Kaufman
Brian D Flinchbaugh
Married  Aubey
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My Schlenker Ancestors came from the German Village called Schwenningen,  this is in the South West of Wurttemberg.  Below is a map of this area.

Schwenningen Crest

The upper part of the arms shows the canting swan (Schwan) the historical symbol of the city. 
The lower part shows a wheel from a mechanical watch, as a symbol for the local industry
Schlenker Homesteads
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